What is Six Sides Packaging?

Who we are

We’re a Kent born and bred printed packaging company with a very simple online shop where you can create your very own packaging. Obsessed with: keeping things simple and hassle free for our customers, creativity, small business and big ideas!

Turn your packaging ideas into a reality. Whether that’s the boxes for your wedding favours on your special day, gift boxes to say thank you in a meaningful way or branded boxes to help your business stand out!

Stick to what you’re good at

We get crazy excited about printing packaging! And yes we know that doesn’t get everyone’s heart racing BUT that’s exactly what we’re good at. Sure, we could hire in designers to take your brief and place the imagery and text on your package, but if you’ve experienced this process before, that takes time…and money.

We’re almost certain that if you need a box or package for something, you’ve already got a pretty good idea of what you want that to look like. We’ve created an online, super-simple, design studio that enables you to bring what’s in your head to life. This means time-saved and a cost-effective solution for you.

Our team will stick to ensuring you have quality materials for your packaging and a great looking printed end product, whilst you can get on and create exactly what you want.

Let’s get to know each other better

Say hi and if you can show us how you’re using your Six Sides packaging do give us a mention or tag on social. You can find us @sixsidesuk over on Instagram.

We can’t wait to see what you create! What are you waiting for? Start with a little inspiration over here.