Make it special. Make it memorable.

Did you know that a personalised package can brighten someone’s day by 16.2%? Okay, we made that up but have a think about the last time you received something that had been personalised in some way. You most likely kept it or at least kept it longer than you would have, had it not been personalised in some way. Perhaps you even took a beautiful, Insta-worthy photo and shared it with your audience?

What are we trying to get at here? Well creating personalised packaging will create conversation, it most likely make the recipient smile and if you’re a business, they could keep it, meaning your business exposure is maximised.

Colours, Photos, Words…oh my!

Imagine being stood in a sweet shop and being able to choose any mix that you wanted without any restriction on how much or what you could choose. Well we’ve applied that experience to Six Sides. Many of the boxes and packaging products on the Six Sides site can be personalised with your own images, text, branding and logos, names or addresses. You can play around with your design on the screen until its exactly how you want it. Many of our packages also come in different colours and sizes too so you can create something that’s fit for your purpose.

Feeling inspired…

Take a look at our gallery to fuel those creative ideas. We can’t wait to see what you create!