What makes Six Sides Green?

Apart from actually being green in colour (head over to meet Sixy to find out more), we’re committed to being an eco-friendly company.

Want to know what gets us really fired up – other than packaging of course? Commitment to the environment. For us, this means growing a business that demonstrates a high level of care for our environment and the prevention of pollution. We do this by setting and regularly reviewing environmental improvement objectives and targets.

Our certificates mean a lot to us

This bit gets technical but our environmental accreditations mean a lot to us. To make sure we’re continually achieving our environmental commitments, our specialist printing company has implemented an environmental management system that satisfies the requirements of BS En ISO 14001.

Doing good, feeling good

The great thing about using Six Sides packaging is that all of our work described above enables you to send out, sell or give your packages to others knowing that the impact on the environment in creating it has been carefully considered by us.

Another benefit of using our products is that they are all made from recyclable cardboard. Much more sustainable, natural and healthier for our beautiful planet!